Practical outsourcing advice and case studies for IT and business process outsourcing.
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Practical outsourcing advice and case studies for IT and business process outsourcing. Friday, August 1, 2014
Outsourcing Strategy and Management Spotlight Commitment, Consistency & Control to Successfully Outsource
It is important to know how to structure a successful outsourcing relationship.
 Outsourcing Article Spotlights
Outsourcing How-To / Methodology SpotlightPsst! Want the Name of a Vendor?
It seems like everyday you get a call from an outsourcing vendor that wants to develop your software. They compete in a crowded market and are desperate to get your attention. With all these choices, you'd think it would be easy to hire one. But it's not.
Outsourcing Tools SpotlightEnd User Metrics in Software Development
This article elaborates upon the different criteria that can be applied in designing meaningful user satisfaction surveys.
Outsourcing Strategy and Management SpotlightBusiness Process Outsourcing 2008
In 2008 KPO will rise to the next level of maturity ? and move from the staff augmentation model to a value-added role.
Outsourcing TipDaily Outsourcing Tip
Make sure key employees get attention and coaching so they know they?re valued.
 Outsourcing & Sourcing Job Shop
Procurement / Sourcing Consultant
Company Confidential, Massachusetts, Feb 15
Manager of Strategic Sourcing
Michael Page International, Massachusetts, Feb 15
Sourcing Sustainability Manager
Ingersoll Rand, North Carolina, Feb 15
Vice President Strategic Sourcing
Trading Technologies, Illinois, Feb 14
Sourcingmag Blogger
 Outsourcing News and Press Releases RSS
Prominent Global Sourcing Attorney Joins MMM, Mar 22
Reportlinker Adds Global Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Industry, Mar 22
Unionville to Get Bids on Outsourcing Busing, Mar 22
BAA Signs IT Outsourcing Deal with Capgemini, Mar 22
 Outsourcing Events
No Events.
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Need Project in Web Application Development
Ganesh Bhosale, Sun 7:17 AM.
I Need Projects
U.samu, Fri 11:53 PM.
Interested Vendor
Victori, Fri 7:01 AM.
Looking for Genuine Online/Offline Process
Kr It Solutions, Tue 9:59 PM.
Non Voice Process
Solpro, Tue 1:00 PM.
 Outsourcing Blogs at the Blogosphere RSS
•  Leveraging Cloud For Electronic Payments Management by Ravi Datar, Tue 1:15 AM
•  Demystifying Cloud Computing by Ravi Datar, Mon 11:04 PM
•  About Blogger: Ravi Datar by Ravi Datar, Fri 5:59 AM
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App Dev/Maintenance, BPO/Bus Process, Call Centers, Disaster Recovery, Finance & Accounting, HR/Human Resources, IT/Info Technology, QA/Testing, R&D, Security, Supply Chain, Telecom / VoIP...

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Canada, China / Other Asia, India, Domestic / Insourcing, Philippines, Russia / E. Europe, Latin America...

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Outsourcing Strategy
Change Management, Org Readiness, Strategy Dev...

Outsourcing Tactics
Project Management, Communication, Due Diligence, Governance, Location Selection, Negotiation, Personnel/People, Project Selection, Publicity/PR, Quality Methods, Relationship Building, Risk Management, Vendor Selection...

Benchmark / Metrics, Research / Statistics, Trends...

Audits / Auditing, Compliance/Regs, Contract Dev, Legal Matters...

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Consulting Firms, Organizations, Service Providers, Vendors...

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